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1. Inclusion > Incentives

Most Companies believe that incentives drive behaviours and try to influence the desired outcomes through well-structured short term incentives. It is true that incentives have a disproportionate effect on people’s behaviour but it is not sustainable and sometimes destructive to long term value creation. In contrast…

A page from my leadership journal

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  1. Loose lips sink ships
  2. Shutting up and listening is half the leadership
  3. There are only quick traps no quick wins
  4. Hire people you can learn from (and let them teach you)
  5. Be clear on decisions you must make and delegate everything else
  6. You won’t learn anything new if you don’t accept what you don’t know
  7. Condition for success starts with clarity of thought
  8. Stick with the problem long enough and your solution will be quicker
  9. Don’t bother managing anything else if you can’t manage your own time
  10. Don’t expect what you want from people but accept what they can offer

Why transformations fail both personally and professionally?

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Based on my direct and indirect observations, at a fundamental level, here are the top reasons for transformation failures whether you are trying to lose weight, deliver a change program or redirect a company’s strategy:

  1. Imprecise understanding of the Cause (Problem)
  2. Absurd certainty of the Solution
  3. Inflated view of the Capabilities
  4. Gross underestimation of the Complexity
  5. Incomplete view of the Environment (Culture, System)

Feel free to challenge what is shared and share what is missing…

Emergence of design from the side lines to the forefront of future businesses

Every business has three common ingredients (business, technology and design). Over the past few decades, the significance of these ingredients have been shifting.

Pre Technology Generation — Generation of visionary business leaders built very successful companies.

Pfizer, Ford, GE, Walmart

Business skills was at the fore front of these companies. It created an…

Max Gabriel

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter — MLK”

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